I decided to create the More Dog Club after my dog Hana, an eight year old Rottweiler, got diagnosed with Lymphoma.

Anyone who has ever been told that their dog has only a few weeks or months to live without cancer treatment knows that heart sinking feeling of frustration and hopelessness.

dog lymphoma

I believe that the majority of us pet parents will do anything for our furry kids, which is why so often we turn to research online to find anything that might help fight this terrible diagnosis and give them the best time during their remaining life, or in some truly amazing cases kick cancer’s a**.

dog lymphoma

The idea behind the More Dog Club is to gather all of the best knowledge in the community of those who have successfully beaten their dog’s cancer, along with the leading professionals in the field sharing their knowledge on the latest research, as well as dog lovers giving top tips on preventive health care – all of this in one easy to access hub of information.

I hope you will join us on this journey.

Greta (human) and Hana (dog)

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